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Business Brokerage

Sankofa Brokers is a Georgia Based firm with a global estate-as-asset perspective. Since, globally, estate is consider the real property, both as homes and businesses, that is passed along as generational wealth, we have built our firm around the global generational wealth model.  We use innovative systems and strategies to help our clients with their wealth accumulation goals all the while using the time-tested principles and methodologies.  Our clients range from small, single member LLCs and sole proprietors to medium sized corporations and Living Trust, all with the goal in mind: to leave the world, for their children's children, better than they found it.

Business ownership is the hallmark of financial freedom worldwide.  Having access to grow wealth by way purchasing and trading assets, rather than always building them, is our message and mission.  

Real Estate Investment Trust are one of the most lucrative investment vehicles available to generational wealth builders. REITs are used as a means to grow real estate assets without any significant tax burdens of need to raise large capital.  All REITs are required by the IRS to have at least 100 members.  For a lot of smaller investors or investment groups, managing the needs and expectations of 100 individual investors can be daunting and, frankly, a barrier to success.  Still, the capacity to use pooled resources to grow real estate based assets is something all wealth builders should benefit from.

For more questions about Sankofa IRA REIT, contact our broker or broker agent. 

Sankofa IRA REIT

Tax Certificate Holding

Taxes are inevitable and property taxes are on of the largest income sources for county and state governments nationwide.  As a fact, property taxes also offer opportunity for tax certificate holdings with government secured rates of return.  In most states that ROR is no less than 18%; making tax certificate holding superior returns over most investments like mutual funds, stocks, bonds, or certificates of deposit.

Our team has the expertise and the skill to identify high valued assets under tax distress, secure an interest in the properties, and thereby guarantee for our clients what every budding and thriving generational wealth builder needs:  passive growth!


Tax Escheat Refunds

Banks and governments, for decades, have been literally banking on the public being completely in the dark on how this aspect of the monetary system works; often leaving millions of tax payer dollars in the hands of the states in the form of tax escheat.  Not our clients.  Not anymore.  We know the processes needed to recover overpayments in tax escheat funds and that what we do.


Sankofa Brokers has in committed to reclaiming millions of tax payer dollars sitting on the counties' books as unclaimed refunds.  We take the emotional distress off our clients and customers by recovering funds at a time when they have already suffered catastrophic financial losses via tax auction.   Not is worst than loosing property to tax debt; except maybe leaving money that belongs to you on the table.  

Residential Brokerage

Residential Property will always be in demand with a limited supply.  Whether as a tenant - where you leave your wealth for your landlord - or you choose to be the landlord, homeownership and wealth accumulation are nearly inseparable.  The time to buy is always NOW ...and don't you worry about your credit.  Let our brokers serve you in your process.  

Homeownership can be, by far, one of the most liberating generational wealth strategies available to all. By itself, homeownership might seem a bit simple. Yet when coupled with wise retirement planning, wills and trust, great tax planning, and even some smart business ownership, homeownership can be the cornerstone to any generational wealth plan.  

Home Ownership Education

Owning land has been at the ground floor of wealth creation since the concept was created.  In fact it was the Doctrine of Discovery released in 1452 as a Papal Bull that established the concept of 'first legal' ownership rights.  Since then, Home Ownership has been the basis of the practice of generational wealth accumulation. Today, generational wealth has hinged upon title ownership and inheritance. 

Real Estate, Trust, LLCs and Titles are some of the generational wealth instruments that are used in our modern world.  Access to these types of instruments, has been largely cutoff from the public for centuries. For centuries groups of peoples were excluded from this legal process because either they were born female, born of  Indigenous heritage, or born of higher melanin contents.  Today, the access has changed and in some places globally, still changing.  Today we have the information at our finger tips and access like never before.  The 'Lessons from our Legends' has taught that the keys to success is having the tools and guidance to properly implement and navigate the wealth of information at hand. 


Our vision is to honor and support the desire to recreate our cultural inheritable wealth. We have pooled our resources to offer the support and science needed to begin the pursuit of generational wealth through the practice of home ownership.

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