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Sankofa Business Coaching: Teaching How to Fish
Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.   - Chinese Proverb

Every year inflation goes up, or the with every major dip in the stock market, or consumer confidence, it becomes more and more evident that investors, citizens, and taxpayers desire themselves the day to learn as much about their money as they can. 

Gone are the days where you hand over your hard earned money and checked in once every year at tax time. Today's investor has the tools at hand to handle most of the details themselves. The one thing that is missing is SELF-CONFIDENCE. 


Many investors or business owners have a strong sense of cashflows and budgeting. They might be stronger in networking and sales, than accounting and compliance. Still, having the basic knowledge of each working part of the generational financial model helps build the entrepreneurial SELF-CONFIDENCE to ensure that the enterprise thrives. 


Learn from experience 

Sankofa Brokers is here to help us create OUR BEST!!!!!    

Abundance | Excellence | Opulence | Intelligence | Elegance 

"Getting Started" Learning Series
  • ​Getting Started: Real Estate Pre Licensing

  • Getting Started: Business Tax Preparation

  • Getting Started: Freight Brokerage

  • Getting Started: Writing Business Plans

  • Getting Started: Bookkeeping Basics

Upcoming Classes


Use this area to let your visitors know about your latest news. 

MAY 3, 2012

Use this area to let your visitors know about your latest news. 


MAY 3, 2012

Use this area to let your visitors know about your latest news. 



Brokerage Services


Real Estate is a time tested resource that continues to find itself among the most lucrative, risky, or conservative portfolios in the world. Most Americans today still consider their homes as the crown jewel in their wealth building treasure chest. 

Although there is no better way to manage your money grows than to handle them yourselves, the changing rules in real estate, tax rate, and interest rates change so often -- as well as markets -- that working with a trust real estate professional can save you thousands in headaches and mistakes; 
residential, commercial or business. 

Tax Advisory


Is there anyone who hardly ever wants to talk about taxes? Most folk don't even think of taxes until that 2-3 weeks period where the scrambling occurs to get filed on time begins. 


Still, ignoring them won't make the taxman disappear. The best thing to be is informed. The more you know, the clearer your understanding about how your earning, investing, and spending affect your tax basis, the better you earning, invest and spend your way to Generational Wealth. 


All tax forms were 'intended' to be prepared by the taxpayer; why not be prepared, too?

Land Trust REITs


Innovations in real estate funding and taxation has grown an entire new industry of real estate backed securities, group ownership structures like Tenants In Common and REITs  that allow real estate investors to pool their resources use the resulting leverage to acquire and maintain land estate rights for income and asset generating purposes. 


Sankofa Land Trust Company has identified several niche markets for crowd funding projects that promote land use sustainability such as our Haitian Bamboo Initiative, free range turkey farms, or our Luxury Tiny Homes.


Metal Brokerage


The oldest stores of ABUNDANCE on earth is gold! Every kingdom, every tribe, every country in history has had a relationship with gold that has formed their entire history as a people. 

In the Generational Wealth jigsaw puzzle, precious metals are the border pieces. They frame the unseen picture that develops as we build what our intuition and intellect pieces together. WE BUY GOLD, SILVER, PLATINUM, GEMSTONES, and iPHONEs

Insurance Services


Understanding insurance can be tricky. Although your sales person generally does well to keep up with birthdays and important family dates, their job is to keep you smiling until a claim comes in. 


We believe that insurance should always exceed our expectations of a settled amounts and be the "safety net" we certainly need during heavy life transitions.

Learn how to review insurance contracts for "best supporting" aspects and how to include insurance budgeting concerns into lower deductible and premium expenses.



Digital currencies like BitCoin have been all over the news over the last several years. Some news good for BitCoin investors; other news not so good. However, all of the news about these emerging technologies suggest that digital currencies are to stay and grow. 
Sankofa Brokers works with digital currencies to develop reserves and build capital. Sankofa eCoin is also being developed to manage and distribute ownership rights to Real Estate held in Trust. 


We believe in the future of the technology and have committed to developing our transaction models around digital currency

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