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Over the last decade one trending phenomenon in new constructions that has captured the imaginations of home owners, builders, and entrepreneurs is the modular tiny house. With builder committing top notch construction quality in the materials and processes they use, tiny house builders have been at the forefront of many advancements in house systems. From sound proofing technology to modular storage of all sorts, modular homes and container construction offer unique opportunities humans to reconsider and redesign how we construct cities.

Modern Modular Mansions

Contemporary modular homes take on the aesthetics of traditional construction, in a fraction of the time and cost. Since buildings are designed and pre-built before the build site is ever ready, builders can estimate cost much closer and avoid costly delays. Many of the mod homes can be unloaded and fully standing in a matter of hours. More time goes into get the place secure, connecting the systems like water, power, and fuel, and all the finishing touches. However, so time (and money) is saved, it give the builder or homeowner more budget to use towards ammenitities.

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